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Coaching, Consulting and Professional Mentorship


Personalized Coaching and Consulting Services Tailored to You and Your DZ



The Path to Success

Sharpen your mental game and develop strategies for success with a variety of personalized programs.


Offering “coaching for coaches” for anyone looking for a new approach to reaching their flying goals.


A Comprehensive Approach

On-site consultation examines the unique aspects of movement flying at your drop zone while considering useful protocols and tools for developing an educated fun jumper community.


A great starting point for DZ's trying to keep up with angle flying's popularity and those with an established movement flying community already looking to increase their overall knowledge and safety.



Jesse “Tex” Leos is a professional skydiving and tunnel coach. Predominately based out of Skydive Spaceland in Houston, TX, he spends most of his time at skydiving skills camps around the world and coaching all levels in the tunnel. Tex continues to pursue new ways of offering his experience to develop safer drop zone cultures and mentoring up-and-coming flyers to carve new paths in the sport.

Tex has been coaching and competing for most of his life in a variety of sports prior to a career in bodyflight including soccer, running and personal/group fitness training.  His coaching style has developed from his team sport background to incorporate many of the leadership and teamwork skills necessary for effective group flying. His pedagogy has evolved from an emphasis on technical flying skills to a broader approach that examines how mental training, team culture, deep practice and body awareness can elevate our performance.



"To me coaching is just as much about mentorship and guidance as it is about technique and theory. Those are the intangibles that you get working with Jesse. Whether your goals are personal or professional he provides the right tools and the knowledge to use them leaving you with true, sustainable improvement."

Mike Sopko

 Tex's commitment to improvement is obvious to say the very least. His skill set as a flyer, a coach, and a true leader have all grown in parallel with one another. He has led the way in movement jump safety at our dropzone and has influenced many others. We are truly privileged to have him as part of our community.”

Nicholas Lott - General Manager
Skydive Spaceland Houston

"Tex has worked hard from the beginning, from his flying skills to his personal interactions and coaching techniques. I was in a camp with Tex as one of the coaches, he kept it real while instilling understanding and confidence that help me push through my limits. He brings a balance of fun and professionalism in a relaxing learning environment."

DJ Marvin - The Ratings Center

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