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Coaching. Consulting. Mentorship.



Sharpen your mental game and develop strategies for success with a variety of personalized programs. Offering “coaching for coaches” for anyone looking for a new approach to reaching their flying goals.

Programs include:

  • Online meetings with action plans and accountability

  • “Skydiving Apprenticeship” - In person shadowing and feedback for those already coaching

  • 1-on-1 skydiving with an emphasis on developing coaching pedagogies and/or flying skills

  • Training programs created with personalized jump plans

  • Guidance on collaboration with peers/industry leaders and sponsorship etiquette

Dropzone Consulting for Safer Movement Jumps

Considerations for how to make your specific dropzone safer for sharing the sky with tracking groups. 

As angle flying increases in popularity, drop zones are facing the challenges of a currently evolving discipline. This consultation program examines the unique aspects of movement flying at your dropzone while considering useful protocols and tools for developing an educated fun jumper community.


This program is intended for the DZO and S&TA’s looking for a stronger foundation of understanding movement jumps and the special responsibilities it entails. On-site consultation is recommended but online options are available for some DZ's to fit their needs.


Performance flying and videography for creative niche films and commercial projects.

Need help bringing a flying vision come to life?


Whether it is for commercial use or passion projects, you'll need a flyer and videographer who can perform.


Experience includes bodyflight performance and video flying. Helpful advice and a discerning eye for content creators looking to use skydiving in their work.

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