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AirTex Performance LLC

Jesse “Tex” Leos is a professional skydiving and tunnel coach. Based out of Skydive Spaceland in Houston, TX, he spends most of his time at skydiving skills camps around the world and coaching all levels in the wind tunnel. His coaching and consulting work has had an instrumental role in creating a safer environment for dropzones and individual skydivers within the movement flying community. He holds world records in freeflying and has competed for the US at the Indoor World Championships and other international dynamic flying events. As a skydiving coach, his passion is teaching body flight techniques that safely explore new ways of flying creative lines in the sky.


Tex has been coaching and competing for most of his life in a variety of sports prior to a career in bodyflight including soccer, running and personal/group fitness training.  His coaching style has developed from his team sport background to incorporate many of the leadership and teamwork skills necessary for effective group flying. His pedagogy has evolved from an emphasis on technical flying skills to a broader approach that examines how mental training, team culture, deep practice and body awareness can elevate our performance. He has developed curriculum for helping your specific dropzone become safer for sharing the sky with tracking groups. Tex is also an instructor for the Leading Workshop created by Modern Skydiving Concepts that helps elevate the knowledge and safety for individuals interested in leading movement jumps. Tex has also recently contributed to the USPA’s recommendations for movement jump safety as outlined in the current SIM.

Tex also continues to pursue his passion for high-performance mindsets in skydiving by developing mentoring programs for up-and-coming athletes and coaches hoping to carve new paths in the sport.

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